Get Me To The Emerald City

Musings on life, art, body image, books, belief, and being a geek grrl in a girly-girl world.


You can call me Em.  It’s not my real name, but it’s the name a lot of people online know me by, so I’ll use it here.

I’m a 43 year old writer, artist, medical clerk and geek grrrl, living in darkest Norfolk, England (but would rather be in Seattle, WA – I’m working on it).  I’m married, childfree, spiritually eclectic and politically liberal.

I read anything from Dante to Neil Gaiman, listen to anything from Bach to Nirvana (OK, except maybe C&W and hip-hop, but if that’s your cup of tea I’m not about to complain), and have been told I think too much.  Since there seem to be plenty of people in the world today who appear not to think at all, I suppose I’m helping to balance things out.

This blog will deal with, in no particular order and in varying amounts: art, music, books, feminism, beliefs, body image and fat acceptance, health issues including mental health, the occasional smidgeon of politics, oh, and it’s entirely probable that Doctor Who will get in there somewhere.  Plus anything else I spot in passing and find interesting enough to want to write about.  This means things will sometimes get a little arcane, but bear with me.

Civilised comments are very welcome.   Trolling or gratuitous insults will be removed.  (This includes body hate – of any type of body; snarking on thin people is no more acceptable than snarking on fat people.  Just sayin’.)


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